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Southwest Airline APP Question

New Arrival

When I attempt to download the SW app to my ipone using the App Store I get a "Verfication Required" pop-up stating I have to verify my payment information before making a purchase, even though the app is free. So I assumed this was simply for future purposes and clicked continue to verify the credit card on file. However, the credit card listed (only last 4 digits visible) is not mine and there is no way to edit the card number. The only field that allows you to enter information is the CVV Security Code field. 

I read on the SW FAQ page that no credit card is required to download the app so I'm wondering what the problem is and if the site has been hacked. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Lcowan


Re: Southwest Airline APP Question

Top Contributor

This sounds like an issue with Apple and the app store, not Southwest. You would most likely have the same issue trying to download any other app. I'm not too familiar with the Apple app store, but I suggest looking into the payment options stored in your account profile.



Re: Southwest Airline APP Question

Retired Community Manager

Hello @lcowan,


I've reached out to our mobile app team, and they echoed what @TheMiddleSeat said. This is an issue with the Apple app store, but I know it's frustrating. Check out this article for some troubleshooting advice: