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Please let me know if you have experienced anything similar, and what was the solution. Thanks:


I booked a flight for my brother and my mother to visit me in SF for a total of $205. Due to medical conditions, my mother was advised not to travel. After hearing that, I decided to request a refund. I asked for a refund, and instead of getting my money back on my debit card, I wanted the refund in travel points because I know they would need the flight eventually. 


The lady who helped me out with the refund over the phone assured me that this credit would not expire. I asked several times if this was correct, and she said yes. Little did I know, I was being misinformed.


Fast forward to today, I needed to book a flight for my brother and mother. I tried booking a flight using the "points" I thought I had, but of course, it did not work. I called Southwest customer service, and she explained what was happening. I was told that my refund was in travel credit and not points, and that travel credit expires but points do not. I was even told they never issue points as a refund (good way to make more $$.) So the lady who helped me out initially, really messed up and told me something completely wrong. 


I've been flying Southwest since I was a kid, very loyal customer. The kind lady over the phone said that she was sorry and the only thing that could be done is a luv voucher for $50 each passenger, $100 total. Although I wanted all of my travel credit, I accepted the luv voucher because it's better than nothing. Unforuntaley, the call disconnected before anything was finalized. So I did not receive a voucher.


I called back again several times and got different answers from multiple customer service reps. All of them said something different, other than saying they would not be able to issue any refund whatsoever. I continue to explain how the other customer support rep was offering me the luv vouchers, and she said that it wasn't true although I heard it with my own two ears — basically calling me a liar. I was told the only way I would be able possibly to get a refund, I would have to provide documentation of my mother's condition. And even with that, it wouldn't be a for sure thing. It has been a nightmare trying to get any voucher.


Southwest CEO Gary Kelly says that "people are our greatest assets." It sure doesn't seem so. I've spent thousands of dollars flying Southwest, and I can't wrap my head around them not being to extend an expired travel credit. The funds will go straight back to the company anyway. 


Please let me know if you have experienced anything similar, thanks. 




Re: Southwest Customer Service

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First, it's good to read that your mother is now well enough to travel.


A couple of thoughts:


Just double checking to make sure you are in touch with the Customer Relations Department, they have a different phone number at 1-855-234-4654 and they are also available via Twitter (@Southwestair).  The 1-800-I-FLY-SWA number is listed as General Customer Service but you want Customer Relations.  In case you're curious, this link has a ton of ways to get in touch with Southwest, to include the Customer Relations info I listed.


Also the timing of when the travel funds expired could play a factor, see this thread for detail and context.  What you were initially told about the vouchers seems to line up with the comments in that tread so definitely take a look.


I hope you and your mother enjoy a great trip, wherever your travels take you.



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