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Southwest Had Gone South...

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After wasting hours on the phone with the incompetent phone agents I was told to speak to a supervisor at the airport just before the "supervisor" on the phone hung up on me. I the. Proceeded to speak to CAMERON R at LAS  where he seemed confused by what I asked since the phone agent said he would be able to help. 

he stared me in the eye with a vacant stare... a d said he was unable to, maybe said he wished he could but "the man" wouldn't allow it, or something along those lines. It really is difficult to tell as he turned away and trailed off. 

Best part of this interaction was that I still was standing next to their podium for him to tell the employee who requested him for me how dumb of a custom  I was and basically to just ignore me and stare at me until I walked away. 

Does anyone remember when southwest was an enjoyable airline? At this point, I would rather pay a small baggage fee to obtain great customer service from another airline... I can guaranty that's my intent in the future. 

CAMERON R IN LAS VEGAS paired with the INCOMPETENT PHONE STAFF (60+ minutes of holding for anything) are only the beginnings of where a great, enjoyable, airline has turned into a shameful company. 


Re: Southwest Had Gone South...

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You didn't say what your question was so there's a chance that it was so unreasonable the reaction you received was valid. I mean, if I asked if I could light up a joint midflight and take a turn flying the plane I'd probably get the same reaction you described. And I'd probably be treated the same way on every other airline. So much for great customer service elsewhere. 

Since this is a customer to customer forum I suggest that you submit your complaint directly to Southwest

Contact Customer Relations



Re: Southwest Had Gone South...

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Well written story.   But you left a bit wanting in plot and climax. 


I'll save that $40 in baggage fees and accept whatever loss in "customer service" you claim.   That's about $240 per trip for my wife and I.    Not sure I could find that much value in customer service.  


Hmm... that's over $3000 saved this year alone.   Wow.   Thanks for the reminder.   Enough to book another trip. 

Re: Southwest Had Gone South...

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@SouthwestSux wrote:

Does anyone remember when southwest was an enjoyable airline?

Southwest is an enjoyable airline.


Nowhere in your post did you state what your problem was and what solution you were hoping to achieve. 


I'd have a vacant stare too trying to figure out what you needed help with. 



Re: Southwest Had Gone South...


@SouthwestSux we're sincerely sorry that your interaction with our Employee has you questioning our commitment to outstanding Customer Service. As a Customer-to-Customer support forum, we aren't equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to Contact Customer Relations for assistance with documenting these concerns.


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