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My brother died in March 2020

His wife, children and grandchildren planned a trip to Hawaii (his wife's home town) for October 2020 to scatter his ashes at the same place his son's ashes were scattered. 


I never travel, but was going with them to honor my brother,  The reservations were made in June 2020 for the October 2020 flight. On September 12 2020 my niece said to cancel the flight because of Covid restrictions,  She said we would go October 2021.  I cancelled the flight on Sept 12, 2020.

When I cancelled the flight, I saw that it said the funds will expire June 2021 but was assured by my niece that the funds really would not expire until Sept 2022 and she sent me a document that stated this from


My niece notified me the other day of the new flight information for October 2021.  I got online immediately to make reservations and was told that the travel funds will expire before the October trip.


I asked my niece if she had the same problem and she said she had forgotten to cancel the flights she reserved in 2020, and when Southwest cancelled the flight she got a full refund.


I reached out to Southwest twice begging them to please honor my funds for the new trip,  I told them it was for a memorial.  I told them my niece got a full refund and I even named those persons in my family who were booked last October and this October so they would know it was not a lie. 


Southwest said no on the phone and responded to my written plea with a canned impersonal response saying NO!


I cannot go with the family without my travel credit being extended.  So I sit here heartbroken with an ache in my heart with no recourse.  


Re: Southwest - Have a Heart

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The exception southwest made on extending travel funds till 2022 ended on September 7th so it looks like you just missed the deadline for your funds to be extended by canceling on September 12th. 


With your niece I'm guessing the only reason she got a refund would be because southwest cancelled the flight because normally if you forget to cancel a flight and your flight operates you would be considered a no show and your funds would be forfeited. 


Your best bet is to Contact Customer Relations after your funds expire and ask for a LUV voucher which would be valid for 6 months however this comes with a $100 fee per travel fund (deduction of funds) so if you have multiple travel funds I would combine them. If this applies to you reply here and I can explain how to do that.