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DO NOT BOOK A HOTEL ON SOUTHWEST AIRLINES WEBSITE. Your reservation is sent to RocketMiles who then sends it to HotelsPro. You will never be able to talk to anyone at HotelsPro. They will take your money and not give you any service. It's not worth a few Rapid Rewards miles. It cost me $313.58 to learn this lesson. Hey Southwest! How about a little customer service. Been flying with you since you were a local carrier in Dallas, and now I'm being screwed by your "partner". Step up and take some responsibility!


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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience using southwest hotels I would recommend you reach out to customer relations on twitter or by phone that way they can document your complaint and look in to the matter further. 


Hope this helps 


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Southwest must have changed their hotels arrangement recently, as they now use, and my experience is not any better than yours.  They list a "We Price Match" guarantee on the Southwest Hotels website, but refuse to even acknowlege it exists, claiming that only matches prices.  I can't even get connected to a manager or someone there who matters to tell them how absurd this is.  Unfortunately, nobody at Southwest Airlines or Southwest Rapid Rewards has been able to reach out to to try to settle this on my behalf.  It's a very bad look for Southwest Airlines to be in a business relationship with such an incompetent business.

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I've been booking hotels through Southwest for many years and have never had an issue. Regarding the "Price Match", are you saying @ordoinc that you booked a hotel through Southwest and then found a cheaper rate somewhere else? Not to be skeptical ... but I doubt it. In my experience it's incredibly difficult to actually find lower rates on other web sites that match *exactly the offer you booked*. 


But, assuming you did find a cheaper rate, Southwest should honor it if you contact them. Here are all the details you need to follow directly from


What is the Hotel Best Rate Guarantee program?

Best Price Guaranteed

We’ve partnered with in order to offer Customers the convenience of shopping for all of their travel needs in one place, as well as the opportunity to earn Rapid Rewards Points for qualifying stays.

When you book a hotel via, we want to ensure you’re receiving the best rate possible. If you find a lower rate for your reservation, you can contact the customer care team right away.

They may be able to match the price of the other deal if:

  1. You contact immediately after booking (it must be at least 24 hours before your check-in date) with all the details of the other deal, including a link to the offer on the website and the exact price being quoted.
  2. The other deal must be bookable online and still available when the customer care team checks.
  3. The other deal is subject to the same booking conditions and must be identical to the reservation you made on This includes:
    • Same property and accommodation type.
    • Identical check-in and check-out dates, room type and property.
    • Cancellation policy and booking conditions (including the cancellation policy, meal plan, package offer, etc.) must be the same.
  4. The conditions of your booking with still allow penalty-free cancellations and modifications.

Additionally, it is important to note that the Best Price Guarantee offer does not apply if:

  1. You booked a “Points Plus Property” on
  2. The other deal is offered through a website that does not reveal which property or accommodation type you’ll be staying at until after you’ve booked.
  3. You book using special membership rates, frequent stayer rates, loyalty points, any rewards programs or special promotions made available by the accommodation provider.

To report a lower rate, look for the “Found this room cheaper somewhere else?” link on your confirmation page or in “View all bookings” on If you have any additional questions, please call 1-888-850-3958. You will need to provide your hotel booking confirmation number and PIN when you call.



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Yes, the very first time I booked through Southwest Hotels I found a lower price elsewhere for the same room and they honored the price no problem.  Fast forward several months later and found the same room for a lower price elsewhere again and they refuse to even acknowledge that they price match.  They tried telling me only price matches despite me sending them screenshots of their own Southwest Hotels website showing that it is indeed Southwest Hotels that is supposed to price match.  Ridiculous.

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Oh my gosh it is terrible! If you call well first you cant get someone to talk to in person its email only. However, when you email they state that the reservation is directly through southwest. When I explain that is partnered with southwest. They state that they are not. It is horrifying. Truthfully - I am so disappointment in my recent experience I will be using Delta going forward. It so sad that is giving the entire company such a bad name! 


I had employees at LIE TO ME. Oh! And managers don't work on th weekends. How convenient! 

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We're sincerely sorry for letting you down, @mmmmyyummyy. As a peer-to-peer support forum, we are not equipped to assist you here, but we encourage you to reach out via the options in the link below. Thanks!


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