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Re: Southwest Policy on Employee Vaccination

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Your snappy response says a lot about you.


Throwing that Anti-V label around without the slightest effort to get even a hint of actual information about the target of that label -- that knee-jerk reaction completely undermines the value and credibility of the label thrower.  


If you bothered to ask, you'd find out that I myself received all the standard vaccines during childhood, as well as the occasional extra, including a tetanus booster (after getting bit by a squirrel when I was in college) and a pertussis shot (which my whole family also got) during the outbreak in 2010 when my son was born.  And then, starting that year, I had my son receive all the vaccines that are on the conventional vaccination schedule for children.


So to label me "Antivaxxer" (to quote you to the letter) is absurd.


There are HUGE differences between the new CV19 'vaccines' and the well-known vaccines that were invented and have been in global use for many decades.  In substantive terms, both qualitatively and quantitatively, using the term 'vaccine' to refer to the new CV19 injectable liquid is misleading.  It suggests that these new therapeutics have the same neutralizing effect on the offending pathogen as the pre-21st-century vaccines have on their respective targeted pathogens.  After nearly a year and many millions of injections globally, the new CV19 therapeutics have been shown to have nowhere near the neutralizing effect suggested by the 'vaccine' terminology.  


It's a sad state of affairs when the Anti-V label is thrown carelessly at anyone who dares to point out the many gaps in the narrative pushed by the US government and its lazy lackeys in the media.  Like many people I know who share my concerns, I'm not opposed to taking the vaccine; rather, I believe that much more testing and empirical data are required in order to make informed decisions about the risk-benefit assessment of the novel CV19 'vaccine'-wannabe therapeutics.  In addition, I believe that it's dangerously misleading to suggest to the public that these new therapeutics work better than they actually do.  Any and all lack of transparency regarding these new therapeutics on the part of the manufacturers, the government, and the media -- all such lack of transparency is morally and ethically wrong.  It's playing with fire, and sooner or later it will manifest with dire consequences, some of which cannot be even imagined at this time.


Maybe you're too young to know much about such things, or care much about them, but you'd be wise to look into the history of Thalidomide, AZT, and Vioxx.


That is all.

Re: Southwest Policy on Employee Vaccination

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I've done my research quiz.jpg

Re: Southwest Policy on Employee Vaccination

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Well this is new one. Because you don't consider the covid vaccine a vaccine you're not anti-vaccine? Did I get that right? That's quite the gymnastics you're doing, I'm impressed?



Re: Southwest Policy on Employee Vaccination

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It’s highly probable I got Covid from

an unvaxxed Southwest flight crew. 

On Sep 10 I had a drink with an unvaxxed and unmasked Southwest crew at the Albany Marriott.  ‘Maverick’ and Sonja(?). Being vaxxed I felt safe.  Charming and friendly as they were,  and a pleasure to chat with.  That was my mistake.


Although I had 5 (five!) negative Covid tests from Sep 10-13 (due to travel), I tested positive on day 6 (16 Sep) and infected at least one other person on day 5 (I.e., the day before I felt sick).


The top doctor on the province in Canada in which I am now quarantined (a bit like house arrest) said that the 10 - 11 was the likely infected.  Maverick is the only known unvaxxed unmasked person I came in contact with.  Possibly Sonja… I can’t recall.


I contacted Southwest to pass the message on to the crew.  


Exchange with Southwest customer ‘care’  (21 Sep … 2 days after my repeated inquiries) was remarkably unhelpful.  I tried to do this directly with Southwest, but now feel obliged to be more public. 


Maverick’s statement was something like ‘if the good lord wants me to go..’.  Sure, ok to decide for yourself BUT NOT FOR ME.  And yes, I should have stepped away once I found out vax status, although that was likely too late.


Again, it’s likely, but not confirmed, I got it from him/them.  But seriously… why take this chance with the health of others?


Re: Southwest Policy on Employee Vaccination

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@CPQuinn wrote:

 .  Maverick is the only known unvaxxed unmasked person I came in contact with.  Possibly Sonja… I can’t recall.


How many unknown unvaxxed unmasked people got close to you?