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Southwest Vacations Sweepstakes

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I have been having trouble entering the sweepstakes offered by email to me. (Melia Nassau Beach Entry)  I completed the entry but it has not gone through. I have made a several attempts. I contacted by reply email and received a new link with apology. However it is still not working.


I receive an error...this form is not secure. Are you sure you want to submit it?  I’m not confident where this information is going as it’s locked in processing mode. Please advise why there is such an issue with submitting an entry that I received an  invite to apply by email. 
Please advise. 1A3CF709-3177-4EFE-8B63-773A45580558.jpeg



Re: Southwest Vacations Sweepstakes

Top Contributor

The "issue" appears to be related to security certificates and encryption, or in this case, the lack of. As you're not submitting any sensitive information (credit card, social security number, etc) there's not much security risk in submitting this unsecured. The web browser's default setting is probably to pop that message up any time information is being submitted via a form without encryption.



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