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Southwest Vacations and Southwest Air credit refund

Explorer C

I booked a vacation that was set for travel during COVID19 through SW Vacations with SW air travel. The vacation was canceled by Southwest Vacations and I received a refund for the land part of the vacation but was credited Southwest Air credit for the flight portion. Where do I find these credits? There is no explanation for how to retrieve those and my only confirmation number from the refund is for SW Vacations which does not register under travel funds for SW airlines. There are no flight reservation numbers and they were not even given to me when I booked it. I tried calling both SW airlines and SW vacations for clarification with no change in wait time after waiting an hour for each. I looked everywhere online and can not find any explanation for this issue. Please help! 


Re: Southwest Vacations and Southwest Air credit refund

Aviator A

If you had booked the flight thru SW, this would be easy because you would have a confirmation number.


Since the flight was booked by Southwest Vacations, I'm afraid that Southwest Vacations will have to sort this out for you.


If you at least know your flight number and date of travel, you could take this information to Southwest Airlines to see if they could do anything for you. My guess is they would not because when the reservation got cancelled, it fell out of the SW Airlines reservation systems.


I would recommend that you write Southwest Vacations. I wish you luck

Re: Southwest Vacations and Southwest Air credit refund

Explorer C

I am having a similar issue. I was partially refunded but don't know where to locate the remaining travel funds because I booked through SW Vacations. It should be just as easy to find them as SW funds..It's so frustrating because EVERYTIME I call SWV there is at least a 45 min wait..I'm on hold rn with an estimated wait time of "115 minutes"!  Ridiculous! There should have at the very least been an email sent with the balance and refund and how to use it in the future.  SWV needs a serious Protocol and Customer Support re-vamp.