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Southwest Vacations refund?

New Arrival

So I canceled my vacation March 4th. It took 5 calls between Southwest, Southwest Vacations to get them to agree to refund me back to my credit card. I was told back in March it could take up to 30 days. 

After not receiving a refund for a month I contacted Southwest Vacations and Southwest. Southwest told me 90 days and Southwest Vacations told me 90-180 days. 

Im confused because I see people getting refunded in days. DOT consumer protection law states they have to refund a credit card in 7 days.


Any help or info is greatly appreciated. 


Thank you.


Re: Southwest Vacations refund?

Top Contributor

Key phrase is "I canceled my vacation", that removes all DOT protections. Such protections only apply to flights canceled by the airline. I hope you are able get a refund, but since you canceled the reservation it's likely you will receive travel funds.