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Southwest going down hill

New Arrival
 This was an email to Southwest emergency landing flight number 5913. I’m now sitting in another airport on a delayed flight once again… Southwest is not the airline i thought it was. I have not heard from them after this email.
I appreciate the proactive email, however I hope it’s an equitable amount. I didn’t flying Southwest for years. But this has been by far the worst trip ever. Not only was the first leg of the flight delays but then we had issue with the plane. People were crying upset that he would take it out of the plane we landed to get help from paramedics. It was pretty dramatic. With all of the recent issues with Southwest some supplies this incident happened. I would think there will be extra precautions and maintenance on your plane. This incident is giving me a second thought about even continuing my flights that I plan for July which I am bringing my six-year-old daughter on.  Also once finish the emergency landing we were told one time on departure and it was delayed once again. So not only did I have a Trumatic event but I also missed my dinner business meeting.
Was really an unbelievable experience and I still can’t believe I’m not even at my destination yet I’ve been traveling all day for a flight I should’ve been on time at my hotel for hours ago

Re: Southwest going down hill

Rising Star

So sorry to hear about your traumatic experience. I can’t even imagine how you must have felt while you were on the plane. Must have been very scary. 


The good news is that you are safe, so the emergency landing was the best decision by the flight crew. I would be Thankful to Southwest for handling that situation correctly. 


If I was you, I would also be a little frustrated if I felt that Southwest did not care for me Personally. However, if this situation was so important to me, I would have made a phone call to Southwest looking for that immediate care that I was feeling I needed.  In my experience, emails get responded to within a few business days, not immediate, and they are not personal. 


I would suggest you follow up with Southwest on the phone, be polite but also disappointed. Express your concerns on how you feel the situation was handled. Trust me, you get a lot more out of service when you are kind and realistic.


Keep in mind that often times delays are out of Southwest’s control and we as passengers need to remember that. I don’t think any employee with Southwest wants any issues to arise since concerns are not fun to deal with. 


Again, what a scary experience to go through, but be thankful with the outcome. 



SWA Passenger, Community Champion