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Southwest is terrible for Family Reservations

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I love SWA as A single business traveler. It is extremely frustrating to travel with the family. For starters you were not able to add other profiles for other family members into your profile. Especially when the children were young and didn’t even have email addresses I set up all their travel. Every time I would have to book family travel I would have to re-type in their names and their birthdates and they’re known traveler IDs.   


 The Southwest website needs a way for me to store other people that I am booking travel for and to be able to search and find their travel as well I paid for it I should be able to access it. As it stands now I can use points and pay for their travel but I have to save and remember their check-in number. I cannot look through my reservations in my account and find it. But again I paid for it. When it comes to boarding it is also difficult to board as a family if you have a list status And your family does not.  

Lastly if you were a status customer and using a mixture of paid, companion, and points to book flights you cannot do it at one time. I need to book 3 different reservations by searching three different times and putting in information three times to book a family of four.  


Re: Southwest is terrible for Family Reservations

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good suggestions and I' suggest that you e-mail thm to the company. To do that click om "contact us" at the bottom of this page and then pick e=mail fom the choices at the top of the ensuing page.


I suggest that because this is a customer to customer forum and an appropriate Southwest is more likely to see the e-mail than whatever you post here.



Re: Southwest is terrible for Family Reservations

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I totally get your frustration as I live this life every day!  I have learned how to make the most of the system, and when I balance the benefits SW offers for our family, it is worth the trouble.  As has already been said, please share your thoughts directly with SW.


Ironically, while the technical part may be troublesome, Southwest truly is great for families!

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