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Southwest is the best airlines - here is why

Explorer C

I have been "tele-commuting" for 10 years between Ft Lauderdale and Chicago.  If it had not been for Southwest's "human" travel policy of allowing changes for no charge and 2 carry on bags, I could not have kept my job.   The fact that you can book and then re-book if the prices go down is amazing.   Every time I have ever called for help, they were friendly and accommodating. One time our flight was delayed just one hour and we were immediately sent a travel voucher for our inconvenience.  I love the humor on the flights.  The seats are comfy and the process for boarding is easy and fair.  They even still give you free snacks on board.

I can't think of one thing you could have done better.   You have made my life better by letting me work in two places with flexibility.  Thanks!  Southwest, you and all of your employees Rock! 


Re: Southwest is the best airlines - here is why

Aviator A

I agree, the flexibility to rebook your flight(s) with no change fees is one of the best policies Southwest has!




Re: Southwest is the best airlines - here is why

Aviator A

I agree with you 100%! LUV the free changes and cancellations and I was in the same boat several times where a flight was delayed and they gave everyone a voucher the other guys would make you email in to get a voucher.