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SouthwestHotels Trip Qualifying for CP and A-List?

Explorer C

Hey all, 


I’ve seen conflicting answers on this subject and hoping I can get clarity.  With a month left in the year, I have a 7 day trip planned to Puerto Vallarta which includes two non-revenue flights (paid by RR points), to a Hilton hotel that was offering 27,000 RR Points, to be posted after the stay (last day December 18th, so nearly 2 full weeks before end of the year).  


My question is, what impact will this trip have on my current A-List and Companion Pass status below assuming I pay my CC on the 18th and points post in time?


A-List Preferred Points

30,201 out of 35,000 points

20 out of 25 flights

(Need 4,799 points)


Companion Pass

105,398 out of 125,000 points

35 out of 100 flights
(Need 19,602 points)



Thanks in advance! 


Re: SouthwestHotels Trip Qualifying for CP and A-List?

Aviator A

Hotel stays count towards companion pass but not A list.


the only way to get A list qualifying points is to fly or get the yearly

Chase bonus ( or the 1500 points you get for every $10,000 you put on the card)


maybe you should switch from a points flight to a paid flight


points earned via a chase CC with a December 18 closing date will counts towards 2021 qualification.

Re: SouthwestHotels Trip Qualifying for CP and A-List?

Frequent Flyer B

When is your credit card closing date?  That is the date that matters for points posting from credit card charges.