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Spring Break made possible by Rapid Rewards

New Arrival

As a frequent flyer, I have had the opportunity to accumulate quite a few SW miles and a SW companion pass. Today my College age son is getting to visit friends in our hometown and My wife, daughter and I are heading to visit Disney for Spring break..... all thanks to SW rapid rewards. 


Flights were both on time and I know Dallas had issues with luggage carousel earlier today. 


Thank SW pilots, attendants & rapid rewards for making Spring Break 19 possible......


next stop........ Hawaii !!!!!!


Re: Spring Break made possible by Rapid Rewards


As a Company, our purpose is to connect People to what's important in their lives, and we're thrilled to know your family is enjoying great value from our Rapid Rewards program. Here's wishing y'all a fantastic spring break, and we'll cross our fingers you'll all be flying to Hawaii with us in the near future!

Community Manager