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Stolen box of minatures

Explorer C

I packed a box of expensive dollhouse minatures in my suitcase.  It was evidently searched

in the Spokane airport in September 2020.  I flew to AZ and they were not in my bag when I arrived.  I am now back in Spokane for the summer. I did not accidently leave the box here,

so am now wanting to report the theft.



Re: Stolen box of minatures

Aviator A

You are just now reporting a suspected theft that happened 9 months ago?


I'm not sure it is going to accomplish much, but you can discuss with customer relations.

Re: Stolen box of minatures

Aviator A

You can file a claim with TSA, the agency that inspects checked baggage.



Re: Stolen box of minatures

Frequent Flyer C

Did you tell the airline you had explosive in the checked bag. Normally with these kinds of dangerous things even if their allowed in checked bags, the airline has to know so they can put the information into the barcode on the bag tag, so the when it goes through screening, the explosives would be expected rather than a surprise. 


But like others said, if this happened back in September, you're not going to have much luck.

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Re: Stolen box of minatures

Aviator A

I too don't understand why you waited until now to report this. It happened in September! It's now June! It was almost a year ago!



Re: Stolen box of minatures

Aviator C

Sorry to hear of the loss of something you treasure.  Yes, way too much time has gone by and the chances of a return of them diminish.  Something of that importance (I'm just assuming here) should have been a carry-on.  And for the most part, I'm behind SWA that this isn't their wrongdoing, but seems to be the Airport personnel or the TSA.