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Re: Stolen luggage items

Aviator A

@cslewis1962 You checked a laptop?? Seriously? Nevermind theft, it's very likely to be damaged. Horrible idea. File a missing item report with TSA.





Re: Stolen luggage items

Aviator A

Yeah, who know who took it. It could have been employees of TSA, Southwest, or of either of the two airports.


You can file a claim with TSA.


For use by anyone who reads this in the future:


NEVER put expensive items or things you really can't afford to lose (meds, photos, heirlooms)

in checked luggage. Things re not frequently stolen, but they are occasionally stolen.

Re: Stolen luggage items

Aviator C

My Bundle reply: Let's start with the obvious, laptops, headphones, IPads, and/or the majority of "electrical items that are reasonably small and light enough to go on the seated plane area with you.   I personally thought this was a no brainer just on the damage element alone.  Not just SWA, but any airlines with how I sit in the plane by the window and watch the bag handlers throw without any regard for contents the bags they are putting on and getting off a plane.  I travel with both a laptop and an IPAD in my carry-on bag, done!  No damage or theft of them in over 10 years of owning both of them.   Now to address that, SWA, is in total possession of them, that I can't answer for sure, but I think if I would do the research I could find that every airline in the WORLD has had items stolen from passengers baggage, (thus how I started out this thread)  If your irritation is with the response you got, then just state that and address it to the customer complaint process that is also mentioned.  I personally would love to see you contact your local TV station and report back to us how well that went.  I'm not saying you won't get any traction, I just know if I was a newscast person I would scratch my head thinking, so what is it you want to accomplish contacting me.  If this was a news story, I'd be covering it every day from every airline.  YES, theft happens, in all industries, not just the airline industry.  I appreciate that you spent your hard-earned money, but I doubt SWA just blows this off, EVEN THOUGH, as also been stated, you hand their responsibility off when you check that bag.  Bless you, and I hope you have a better holiday in the upcoming future.