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My $400 RayBan glasses were stolen from my bag.  


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Here's the info to file a claim with TSA, the agency that screens bags.



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@Njc510 I'm assuming you are talking about "Sunglasses."  So I'm wondering why you would risk a $400 pair of glasses to be in a bag to get crushed, scratched, or whatever.  Yes, you should feel safe, but why weren't you wearing them.  I actually buy $3 sunglasses to make sure I have them on my flight and so on.  Suffice to say, there are criminal elements in every segment of society.  There are people at my own employment that I don't trust.  Does that make my employment responsible?  Not really, but it bites when these things happen.  I hope you turn in your report as mentioned.  Maybe they might catch this single bad apple and get somebody in there that might be more responsible towards other property.