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TSA Pre-Check

Explorer A

If I am traveling in a wheelchair, will I automatically be granted TSA Pre?


Re: TSA Pre-Check

Adventurer B

Unfortunately, TSA Pre-Check is a separate entity from Southwest. Traveling in a wheelchair will not automatically grant you TSA Pre-Check but you are eligible for Southwest Preboarding. Please see the gate agent for a Preboarding Document.

Re: TSA Pre-Check

Explorer A

You aren't automatically granted TSA Pre-Check.  However, many airports (I don't know if all) have special accommodations at security for wheelchair users.  When my grandmother went through one airport in a wheelchair (I can't remember which airport), they whisked her through a side gate at security.  I would check with the specific airport.

Re: TSA Pre-Check

Adventurer A

According to TSA's website: "If you are able to stand with your arms above your head five to seven seconds without support, you may undergo screening through advanced imaging technology or the walk-through metal detector if you are able to walk through without support."


You can find more about tranveling with disabilities and medical conditions on their website here.