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TSA-compliant locks

Explorer C

Hi, all, my first post here.

Has anyone else had issues lately with the TSA either cutting off TSA-compliant locks, or failing to replace them?  On Southwest, we always check our luggage and we've had locks removed or missing (we don't know which) on the last four trips.  We didn't have the "note" in our suitcases that they were searched, either.  It's also not as if we had anything unusual in those bags.  In most of the cases, the lock was removed from one bag among two or three.  On our last trip this weekend, one lock was taken on the way out and the other on the way back.  Argh.

Or, has there been a change in Southwest policy on the locks being permitted, and WN employees removing them?

It's just troubling.  And expensive replacing the locks.




Re: TSA-compliant locks

Aviator A

I have not heard this report her on the Community before, but I understand your frustration, @kvhallett.


Here is what SW's site has to say:


"The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens all checked baggage for your security. Unlocked bags can be examined quickly. Locked bags will be opened if necessary, then resealed. Neither Southwest Airlines nor the TSA is liable for damage caused to locked bags that must be opened for security purposes. (We highly recommend that you do not pack the following items in your checked baggage: cash, jewelry, electronics, laptop computers, fragile items, medications, car keys, and important documents.) You can find further information on the TSA web site."


I realize this may not answer your question, but since TSA does the screening, I am not aware of any policy at SW that has changed.  You might reach out to @AskTSA on Twitter?


-A List, Companion Pass holder

Re: TSA-compliant locks

Explorer C

Hello there


We also experienced the same in our flight from Vegas to San Francisco. When we checked in to our next flight we noticed that our two luggage had no more padlocks and we had no  more time to complain to southwest. As of this posting, we are still at the airport waiting for the next flight. We are not aware of what happened to the baggage. I think, if the TSA do the checking, they must inform the passenger or the airline company about the matter. In this case I believe Southwest must escalate the issue  to the TSA. We are worried about this. Our bags were checked in to the next flight without any locks. Thank you. 

Re: TSA-compliant locks

Explorer B

I am curious to know why one would place locks on their suitcases in the first place. Most are made of canvas-type materials, so a lock doesn't appear to be any sort of theft/pilfer deterrant, and most airports have few controls on who removes items from the baggage carousels - so why would you bother?

Re: TSA-compliant locks

Adventurer C

Here is the way to solve that problem.


Don't use locks.


We travel often domestically and intl. Never, ever locked any bags.

Re: TSA-compliant locks

Aviator A

I too find it unusual to have locks on your suitcases. I have nothing packed in my checked luggage that can't be easily replaced, so there's no reason for me to lock my suitcase.


When you see a locked suitcase, the first question on anyone's mind is probably: what's in there? TSA has every right to open it and inspect it (but they should replace the lock when they are done).