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TSA harms Southwest

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Leaving reasonably ample time to get from the entry doors of the airport to the jetway for the flight is no guarantee that you'll make the flight.  If TSA underperforms, you'll miss your flight, as I did this morning at Boston Logan.  I had lots of company - as I was arranging standby for later flights, last calls for boarding were summoning more than a dozen passengers for one boarding area alone, passengers who had no better chance than I did at the hands of TSA.  In TSA's defense, there are simply not enough scanners at Terminal A (serving all Southwest flights, I think), and the new stations they have are badly designed (you wait for a bin to pop out of a chute at your knees - what was wrong with the old way, a stack of bins at the ready?).  It's TSA management that's failing us, not the individuals charged with executing a badly designed and overwhelmed system.  TSA management will surely respond that they can only do so much with the funding they get, which is true.


What can be done?  Southwest and other airlines have pull in Congress.  If the airlines complain loudly, maybe TSA will get the money they need to add capacity and increase efficiency, so Southwest can get us all to where we're going, while staying profitable.  We love how Southwest takes care of us in the air, and I'm sure Southwest will do all they can to assure that we're equally well cared for as we proceed through the airport to board our flight.  


Re: TSA harms Southwest

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How early were you @dbd63 ? It may  help other passengers to know the time of day and how early you were so that they can calibrate themselves for their own BOS trips.



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