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Take pride in your job!

New Arrival

Dear Brandi & Martiza in baggage service office in Orlando Florida do you know why Southwest airline have layoffs?  because business is you know why business is low? because employee like you that have no pride in your work when you talk to a customer so rudely and disrespectfully and could care less that you lost luggage on the way to a trip.  I realize that when you tell me the call is being recorded and you feel free to be so rude that nobody listens to the tape but what is really important here girls is that you employer pays alot of money to advertise and to keep a good reputation you should take the challenge to help your employer because nothing feels better than knowing you are a hard worker and have pride in yourself


Re: Take pride in your job!

Rising Star

If you are so inclined then you may want to get in touch directly with Southwest Customer Relations. Your comment here may get picked up by one of the Southwest employees but you'll probably get a faster or more direct response if you use one of the contact methods included in this link.


Also double checking, were you able to file a delayed/lost baggage claim at the airport?  As noted on this page "The Southwest Airlines Baggage Service Agent will create a report and provide you with a receipt of this report. You will then receive updates regarding the status of your bag. We also provide a phone number that you can call to follow up on the status yourself."

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Re: Take pride in your job!

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