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Teenagers and PS4

Explorer C

Wanting to know if my teenagers can pack their PS4 leaving from Charlotte, NC headed to California?


Re: Teenagers and PS4

Aviator A

Can they pack it?  Yes.  Would I do it?  No, not unless they plan to bring it in their carry on luggage as I feel like there is an increased risk of damage or theft of electronic items in checked baggage.  Plus, you're going to California, who needs a PS4 when there is so much to do out there!


From the TSA "What Can I Bring" page: 


--> start quote <--

Full Sized Video Game Consoles


  • Carry On Bags: Yes
  • Checked Bags: Yes

Please place the console in a separate bin for X-ray screening.

--> end quote <--

Customer | Home airport DCA

Re: Teenagers and PS4

Frequent Flyer C

There are companies that sell travel insurance for game consoles.