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Terrible and Uncaring Customer “Service”

Adventurer C

My wife and I booked a flight through Midway to attend an important ceremony.  The tickets were booked months ago using Rapid Rewards points we had, purchased, and transferred.  The flight was to leave 5:50 AM, transfer in Chicago.  At 9:45 PM the night before, we received a text stating our flight leaving Midway was cancelled!  We called to reschedule, were told this was due to the “anticipation of bad weather “. The had no replacement flight to offer us.  We were up the entire night finding two replacement flights using American, at a cost of over $900!  I called customer service and called them on the fact that all incoming and outbound flights through Midway were happening and on time.  I was told that Southwest operates “differently “. And all they could do is refund my points and Early Bird”. This is the third time we have been canceled last minute with no good explanation or compensation.