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Terrible customer service! Will never book again!!

Explorer C

Southwest Airlines Airlines has usually been great and very customer-service focused. BUT they NEED to disassociate with as they have terrible service and their version of “dynamic” pricing is actually a bait and switch. They trick you into buying one deal and then it is suddenly unavailable at the time of purchase. I understand dynamic pricing and if it was Southwest direct I would understand that the deal was simply no longer available as they would no longer display it as such. In this case, they continue to advertise the better deals as available and many times they are- but it’s too late if you’ve bought a non-refundable package. Spent hours on the phone with their version of customer service is anything but. I will NEVER use them again and, frankly, it makes me question using Southwest as well.  Delta may be my airline of choice moving forward.


Re: Terrible customer service! Will never book again!!

Aviator A