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Thank you Southwest

Explorer C

I am currently flying on WN4572 and I am somewhere over the midwest. I was trying to get to Vegas last minute to be with family while my office is closed and I am working from home. My first flight was cancelled from RDU to DEN. I rescheduled right away and went RDU-BWI-LAS and all is going off without a hitch. On each flight, there are less than 20 people on board. The crew, including the flight attendants have been amazing. The staff at my gate was very helpful. I cannot say enough. You did not disappoint even in this uncertain time. 


And thank you for making this trip possible. I booked my flight last night for $135. Fan and customer for life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. 


Re: Thank you Southwest

Aviator A

SW is trying to help in these uncertain times. Glad it worked out for you.


I'm on a flight later today, and also expect it to be mostly empty.


Travel safe.