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Thank you for dropping the mask mandate

New Arrival

Thank you for dropping your mask mandate.  I saw Congressman Chip Roy of Tx on your plane not wearing a mask and talking to passengers on the plane without mask and he was allowed to do so. If he doesnt have to and no one says anything then I dont have to. 

THANK YOU SOUTHWEST for recognizing our freedoms and rights and I look forward to taking my Southwest flight from Tampa next week NO MASK.... if congressmen can go without mask .. then I can to.  Thank Southwest!!  


Re: Thank you for dropping the mask mandate

Top Contributor

Sorry you feel that if one can break the rules you can as well. Your welcome to share your feedback with southwest directly though one of these contact methods Contact Customer Relations 


2 wrongs don't make a right



Re: Thank you for dropping the mask mandate

New Arrival

The issue isn't about someone breaking the rules; it's about the rules not being enforced.  Without enforcement, there are effectively no rules and others can feel free to behave accordingly.

Re: Thank you for dropping the mask mandate

Rising Star

I will say that it's humorous that people with power (government officials, celebrities, etc.) can get away with not wearing masks when required, but we regular folk cannot. Why isn't this congressman put on the no flying list like so many others have been over the past year? It's hypocrisy at its finest.


That aside, masks are still required to be worn on airplanes until September, but considering how fast the rules are changing, I wouldn't be surprised if this changes too, and fast.





Re: Thank you for dropping the mask mandate

New Arrival
Think of the state of Texas, medieval, uneducated abolitionists all wanting the 1950's to return. Federal law mandates masks and soon federal law and all business will mandate a vaccine if you want to do business with them, just smart. Save your employees and your customers with a simple shot, like the other dozen vaccines required to attend school or to enter the U.S. Military. My second day in boot camp I received 17 vaccines, 8 in one shoulder 9 in the other, and I'm still here. Everyone must stop being such cry babies and save a life or, if you really want to drown in mid air, I'm sorry you had to experience that, but your choice, just stay far away from anybody until you do. Texas is a great place to do that. 

Re: Thank you for dropping the mask mandate

Active Member

I thought everyone knew that when it comes to our leaders, rules apply to us, not them. That's true no matter the party or the leaning.