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Thanks SWA

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I know there are many who get on this discussion board only to vent about a single situation of a bad experience.  To be honest, I don't even recall how I stumbled on the discussion board, just something to do when stranded at home during COVID.  Anyway, prior to being on this discussion board and since I've had GREAT and BAD experiences with SWA.  Recently I was to leave Oakland at 7:45 to get home at 10:50.  My flight was delayed over 4 hours and didn't get home until 2:30 am.  Not quite happy about it, but I didn't complain.   Things happen in business, and we still haven't had a full rebound from the COVID era with employees and pilots at full capacity.  Anyway, I like the SWA perks, and "most" of the time customer service.  I just wanted those people who read these boards who are connected with SWA, keep pushing forward with making us flyers feel happy.  I once took a trip in my car to Oklahoma City and about 2 am had a flat on the freeway.  I had to get a tow truck haul me to a tire store that wouldn't open until 8 am the next day, so I had to sleep in my car until then.  So I had to sleep in my car, (on a cold rainy night) pay for a tow, purchase a new tire, and arrive to my destination about 8 hours past my initial time.  So I guess my point is, it isn't just that things happen because SWA caused it, things can happen no matter what.  


Re: Thanks SWA

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Very true. No method of travel is perfect, but most of the time Southwest gets it right.

I appreciate your input here and hope to see more of your contributions in the Community.