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On March 9th I had a flight to return to Nashville from Denver.  I ended up sick and in the Emergency room.  Had to take a later flight and when my husband called to change the flight they waived the fee of the higher fare.  In addition to the customer service rep helping us get on a later flight once boarded the flight attendants and pilot made sure I was comfortable and taken care of.  I have been a long time SW traveler but wanted to give a shout out for the amazing flight crew!   Thanks for everything you all do.   


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I’m so glad to hear the southwest representative your husband spoke to on the phone was able to help change your flight in a time of need. I’m also glad to hear the FAs took care of you when you did fly. 


I recommend sending southwest a message on Twitter so they can pass on the kudos to the person who helped get your flight changed as well as the crew on the flight. 


Hope you are feeling better now! 


Re: Thanks

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Here is the specific contact info to pass along your compliments:

"Please reach out to our Customer Relations Department via Twitter (@Southwestair), or call us at 1-855-234-4654 so we can give your feedback the time and consideration it deserves."


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