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The Southwest LUV shows!

New Arrival

On August 4, 2018, my son experienced his first flight by himself.  I was a nervous wreck! When I signed him up as an unaccompanied minor, the Southwest representative assured me that my son, Alexander would be well taken care of from start to finish. 


Upon his arrival home, I was excited to see my baby.  I arrived to the airport to the sight of blaring lights, a lot of people standing around, and the airport closed and dark! I began to panic! A TSA agent told me that the fire marshal shut the entire airport down as a result of a water main break; no one could get in or out.  When I asked how would I know when I could get my son, the TSA agent suggested that I watch the news.


I went to park in the cell phone lot to wait.  My son called from his cell phone to tell me that his plane had landed (sigh of relief), but he said he didn't know when he was going to be able to get out of the airport.  About 2 minutes later I recieved a call from Ruth N., the Southwest agent who helped to coordinate connecting me with my son. She assured me that Alexander was fine and that he was still in the care of the stewardess,  but that she would call me with updates on when Inwould be able to pick up my son. Ruth was AWESOME! Not only did she call me every 10-15 minutes, she talked to me enough to calm me down. She said she would be a basket case too of it were here child, and that they were treating my son like he was one of their own.  


Ruth guided me through the madness outside of the airport.  She was there when I pulled up, and she told me step by step what was going on with my son! Well, they were able to bring my son out of the airport, escorted by the state police, they handed him to Ruth, and Ruth to me. She even brought his luggage to the car.


In an intense situation,  Ruth N. was truly my She-ro! She even texted me to make sure we were ok when we got home.


I couldn't  be more pleased with the service and care my 'precious cargo' received from the Southwest staff!!! Thank you so much! Your training and commitment to optimal service was shining bright!!!!!




A VERY happy Mom!


Re: The Southwest LUV shows!

Top Contributor

So glad to hear that Ruth was very helpful and kept you updated through the event 


feel free to send this great story to Southwest on twitter in a DM or on Facebook so they can pass on the thanks to Ruth and her managers to recognize her for going above and beyond! 


thanks for sharing here in the community! 


Re: The Southwest LUV shows!

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@Samariya what you experienced is the reason why I would entrust my children with SWA. They hire human beings who know how to do the right thing. Thank you for sharing.  And as @bec102896 said, make sure you DM SWA via Twitter so they are aware of the amazing service that was provided to you. Anyone who is a parent can relate to your situation and it feels good to know it was handled correctly. 

SWA Passenger, Community Champion