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The pandemic & travel funds

Explorer C
  • I have unused funds from a July 2019 trip that we had to cancel due to health issues, which according to SWA policy must be used within 1 year. That deadline date is July 01, 2020. We then had another trip planned for the end of this March utilizing part of those funds, but we have now also canceled that trip due to concerns about the Corona Virus and our age. Given the circumstances that we all find ourselves presented with, I am doubtful if we will consider it safe for us to fly before July 01, 2020 and so we lose all of our money.  It seems only reasonable to me that SWA would extend those deadlines. I know what your policy is, but you can and should change it to address the realities of the pandemic. These are extraordinary times and what we need from you as a company is empathy and consideration, not legalistic recitations of your refund policy. Lastly, while Congress is planning to bail you out during this crisis, what are you planning to do to help us, your loyal customers? 

Re: The pandemic & travel funds

Aviator A

Re: The pandemic & travel funds

Aviator A

Also, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you probably want to double check the expiration date of your funds. The expiration date is one year from the original purchase date, not the original date of travel. And all new travel would have to take place prior to expiration date.