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This Airline is denying a Military Man and wife

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I went on Southwest airlines to get my brother and Sister n law who is an active Military Men Stationed in Tx.  We wanted to surprise my daughter her uncle and Aunt.  I went on Southwest to make an Bording ticket and there freaking wbsite went down as I was paying.  I never got an Email for there Itinerary and boarding passes.  I called Up Southwest to tell them what happened.  As the lady was very sorry,  I found out They took 745.00 of my money!  I didn't think as she apologizes and gave me another itinerary.  When it came to the end she wanted me to pay again!  I DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY TO THROW DOWN!!  SHE gave me a military discounts and put my stuff on hold.  I call my bank,  I did three way with my bank and still had to pay again. I can't believe they would treat a military persons this is just wrong.  So now they will miss the wedding all because this no good airline just wants more money!  


Re: This Airline is denying a Military Man and wife

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You need to contact Customer Relations at 1-855-234-4654.


Also, I'd recomend keeping your statements to the facts, and being as clear and concise as you can.


Good luck.