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This airline is a huge joke, only came on here to bash them one more time!!!

Explorer C

What a friggin joke.  Go ahead and try to blame the weather again.  Herb Kelleher is rolling in his grave with how fast his airline has gone into the toilet!  I have been stranded at BWI overnight due to their scheduling problems and they wouldn't even pay for a hotel!  I got a refund and flew American (my main airline anyway) and paid $400 extra to get home about a year ago.  Swore I would never fly them again, made the mistake of flying into SLC with my AA points and booked SW to get my son home with me.  We were delayed by 1.5 hours due to being short 1 flight attendant!  I can go without a snack, let's just go!  I paid $80 extra to get A3 and A4.  I sat at the very front with my son.  A SW pilot came on at the end, was looking for a seat and an older gentleman who looked like he was dressed for the baggage crew in shorts asked if I paid for 2 seats and wanted my son to sit in my lap.  I politely asked him how old he thought my son was and he replied back that he thought he looked 4.  I told him great job sir, he is 4!  Now I think you answered your own question so go find him another seat because he is not taking the one your airline made me buy.  My wife's 2 oldest kids are stuck in Albuquerque, NM as well!  Supposed to fly home Xmas night but they claimed that since they are flying unaccompanied minor they couldn't board because if the flight was diverted there was no one to get them.  WTH???  Now they can't fly in until Saturday!  My wife doesn't even trust them to get them on that flight so she just spent $1400 we don't have to fly them home American.  We had an RV rental set up for today to take the kids as a santa surprise to visit their grandpa and grandma in North Carolina for the week.  Now all 5 of our kids just got fu%ked and I lost a $500 deposit!  F this airline and the horse it rode in on!  Worst run operation I have ever seen.  They can take my points and kiss my A!  I won't be ever using them.


Re: This airline is a huge joke, only came on here to bash them one more time!!!

Frequent Flyer B

if the service is not provided, the only solution is to refund. If you buy a kite on ebay and it does not arrive then a refund is needed.

Re: This airline is a huge joke, only came on here to bash them one more time!!!

Aviator C

Bash away, I'm going to say you get to do that.  But since this forum rants don't really get to the admin of SWA, it is fruitless.  


I like you, enjoy coming on here to view what folks always have to say, good and bad.  And it makes me feel good I heeded the warnings from weeks ago and canceled ALL may flights in Dec.  Not only that, everyone was warned a BIG storm was coming.  But SWA did make it worse by having an outdated flight system,, the perfect storm for disaster.  


I will continue to fly SWA.

Re: This airline is a huge joke, only came on here to bash them one more time!!!

Frequent Flyer A

Yeah, they do read them.  The forum is here and they like to see what people are saying.


Not sure where you get this information but yes, they do read this forum.