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Through pass, can I exit security?

New Arrival

Traveling on a through pass, and my 25 minute stop just turned into an airplane-swapping 4.5 hour layover!


I'm traveling with my dog and would like to take him out to walk a bit, but I have no boarding pass!  What's the rule here?  Can I leave and reenter TSA using my original boarding pass?  Do I need to get a gate pass from the gate agent?  Will the ticket counter print me a new boarding pass?


Re: Through pass, can I exit security?

Top Contributor

You should be able to request a boarding pass from the gate agent, just tell them you want to exit and return back through security. Shouldn't be a big deal. Using the through pass to board will probably get you a better boarding position, assuming they board throughs before newly boarding passengers. If you are issued a boarding pass its position will probably be pretty awful.