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Ticket Credit

New Arrival

After we booked our flight, our air fare went down $40 per ticket.  I called and was given the credit to our account to be used within the year.  My first question is - where can I see that credit shown on my account.  My second question is - when we go to use it - where does that credit show up or how do you apply it?  Thank you.


Re: Ticket Credit

Top Contributor

You don't actually have an "account" with Southwest for these types of funds. Credits from canceled or re-fared flights are held as "travel funds" under the confirmation number of the original flight. You need to know the confirmation number(s), but can look up the amount(s) available and the expiration date(s) here:


View Travel Funds


To use these funds, just enter the confirmation number under the payment section when you buy your flight (or give it to the phone rep if you're calling).




Keep in mind the following:

-- Funds can only be used by the original passenger(s)

-- Funds expire one year from the original date of purchase (not date of travel), and all new travel must be completed by then (not just booked)

-- When you apply any funds, the entire new reservation (including any new money) takes on the expiration date of the oldest funds applied