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Ticket Rates & Baggage Fees

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We need more affordable flights.  I’ve noticed the rates have inflated a lot lately.  I don’t care what the other airlines are charging, I don’t use them anyways.  Rates should be based on a fair price.  Families in households with average income should be be able to experience the world and visit remote family and friends, too.  Children are dependents and should not be charged adult prices.  Seniors and students should get a break, too, since they usually have limited income.  At least one bag should always be free.  This shouldn’t be the exception; we need clothes wherever we’re going.  Airlines are greedy because they are allowed to be.  It’s just wrong.


Re: Ticket Rates & Baggage Fees

New Arrival

I have flowen with SW a bunch of times and have never paided over 74 dollars one way and have never had to pay for baggage. They allow two bags checked and two bags carry on , I believe that is a fair deal. Alot better then any other company does. They dont even charge if you have to change your flight where most companys charge at least 50 if not more. Im sorry if you have had a bad experince but thats not the case with SW.

Re: Ticket Rates & Baggage Fees

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Airlnes are in the busness of making a profit and keeping their owners, the stockholders, happy. No airlne provides discounted fares because it is nice to do so.


That means that at times of high demand, fares are going to be higher. You are right, fares durng the busy summer period this year are very high for every airline. The best thing to do is decide where you want to go, and use Southwests low fare calendar to find the best fares for the routing you want to take. You might need to be flexible on dates of travel to get the best deal.


For this year lower fares should start showing up in greater numbers for travel about the third week of August. Further if this is a nomral year, Southwest should have fares sales in June and July for travel the last third of tis year plus the first 6 weeks of 2020.