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Ticket attendant being more precise with boarding.

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Since I've given praise for many areas of SWA doing their best during the COVID issue, I'm going to say this:


We are lining up in numbers of 10.  There are 10 blue dots for us to line up on.  Why can the ticket person just try and remind folks that they must line up on those dots and line up in "NUMERICAL" order?  I've seen this on every flight.  


Number 1-10 called, a couple of people line up as not many are doing early check-in or business select due to no middle seat.  They board, then 11-20 is called and 10 people line up?  If only 2 got on with business select and early bird, there would be a vacant 11-15 and only 5 should be lining up?  and then anything after 20 they don't line up they instead congregate right next to the ticket caller 1 feel apart or less and don't get on the dots.  And those that do, don't' go by the numerical order.  I was A 21, and when we got called to line up, the first 7 dots were already taken.  Ok, thanks for listening. 


Re: Ticket attendant being more precise with boarding.

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Yesterday, I was A-20, and more than five people lined up...but only five boarded. Honestly though, I've never seen them tell someone that they were out of sequence when they went to board so I'm not sure that they have ever checked this.


Lining up by number would require interaction. People are not, um, astute enough to simply pay attention if the were to were to add some sort of numbering to the dots...unless the numbers changed, people would have to do math.