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Ticket purchased for wedding best man with gift card

Explorer C

I have discussed this same issue with customer and relation representatives at SouthWest and I still cannot understand why the company does not have the policy and capability to provide full credit for ticket purchase for someone else with a gift card. Southwest cancelled the flight themselves due to COVID-19. The flight was for my son's best man for wedding on 5/31/20 which has been cancelled as well.  My wife and I are small business owners and have been forced to close our business for the past month or so thus our financial situation is not a positive one. We would like to use the points to scheduled a flight to see relatives in the near future once COVID-19 danger's are much lower. Has anyone had any luck with Soutwest in having them return or credit purchase made with gift card?


Re: Ticket purchased for wedding best man with gift card

Aviator A

There is currently a feature being built (not

available yet) where you can turn travel funds in to points so maybe the person you booked the flight for can turn the funds in to points and use those points to buy your flight when your ready to travel. 


I don't believe southwest will refund a flight to a gift card. 



Re: Ticket purchased for wedding best man with gift card

Aviator A

While still not a cash refund, I believe that refunds for flights purchased with a Southwest gift card can also be issued in the form of a LUV voucher when Southwest cancels the flight. This would at least let you purchase travel for anyone and not just the previously booked passenger. The downside is that typically LUV vouchers have a shorter expiration period than travel funds do now since they are being extended out until 2022. Using the multi step process you could get a LUV voucher, book a flight for yourself, then cancel that flight and you will receive a travel fund in your name with a 2022 expiration date.