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Toddlers eating on flights

New Arrival

Can my boys age 4 and 5 eat snacks on the plane and we also have lollipops for take off.


Re: Toddlers eating on flights

Top Contributor

All passengers age 2 or more may remove their masks to eat and / or drink. After they are done, they are supposed  to put their masks back on.


Passengers under the age of 2 are not required to wear masks.

Re: Toddlers eating on flights

Active Member

They can remove their masks briefly to eat. I've heard several FA's lately announce that you must replace your masks between bites.


I think a lollipop might be pushing it, and it isn't acting in good faith.

Re: Toddlers eating on flights

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Sadly FA's having to remind folks to put their mask back on is a direct result of people abusing the concept of eating, specifically taking 20 minutes to consume the snack provided. In the last several months I've observed this multiple times. It makes the FA's job that much harder and is pointless and selfish on the part of the mask renegade. Just wear the mask