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Tracking Refund

New Arrival

Received email from customer service confirming that a refund was processed on 10/10 for travel funds back to original form of payment as flight cancelled. 

Funny thing is, the funds still show as available in my travel funds. When I had my EB refund issued, it went first into my travel funds for a day and then they were gone the next and into my account. 

Is there any way to ensure the refund is indeed processed and/or any experience with timeliness of funds?  Again, my EB fees took about 2 days total, not sure why airfare would be different? 

Perhaps it’s because of the weekend and holiday on Monday? I’m just trying to get out in front of this so I have the right time expectations and know if/when I will need to follow up again with customer service. 

Appreciate any input!


Re: Tracking Refund

Top Contributor

Refunds normally happen within a few business days.


If yours doesn't, you can contact customer relations.