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Explorer C

Tracy at the Ticket Counter at Southwest is an absolute nightmare to work with. My 11-year-old child never wants to fly again. She literally freaked out in the middle of checking us in and stated "I don't appreciate how you are talking to me." I tried to explain she must have misunderstood or asked if she was having a bad day. She literally just up and left the counter. She took so long in the back "cooling off" in the back that she intentionally tried to make us miss our flight. It was ALL the customer's fault. Absolutely crazy for her to work in any type of customer service industry. My child and I were left standing there waiting on her and she refused to type even one thing for over 25 minutes. We were there for so long that I even took her picture so I could share it with y'all --  DO NOT STAND IN HER LINE ! ! !


She will purposely not help you just to cause a reaction and then blame the customer. TracyCustomerServocesFromHell.jpg


Re: Tracy_Ticketing_Counter_Nightmare_Veags

Aviator A

Sorry to hear this.


I would encourage you to share your complaint with the airline. Since this is a customer forum, you are not doing that here. Click on "contact us" below.

Re: Tracy_Ticketing_Counter_Nightmare_Veags

Adventurer B

Yes, pls reach out to WN via the contact us link. Perhaps a bit of background of what the issue/s were at the ticket counter would be helpful to the community to perhaps help us avoid the same situation? Friday night departures from KLAS can be busy to say the least.