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Transfarency? Where are my travel credits?!?

Explorer C

I'm trying to find a consolidated view of all of my travel credits on the Southwest website because I've had to modify or cancel several flights recently.  I think it's deplorable that Southwest doesn't provide that information anywhere on the website and the only way to find it is to search through my emails and find the confirmation numbers of the flights that I've had to change or cancel.  Then, good luck knowing whether you've used those travel funds or not.  All you can do is try to apply each one and see what happens.


The only logic I can think of to justify not having this readily accessible to customers is that Southwest wants to make it difficult for people to use travel funds that they are entitled to, which flies in direct opposition to the whole "Transfarency" concept and seems so contrary to the Southwest spirit.  So disappointing.


Re: Transfarency? Where are my travel credits?!?

Aviator B

When anyone receive a refund they are given the amount of the credit, the expiration date and are also sent an email. Most of the blame for credits going missing must go the the customer who either delete their email or don't write down the information in a safe place. Southwest is the only airline that doesn't charge a fee to change a ticket and give you a year to use a credit if you need to cancel a ticket. Customers need to take responsibility and should keep track of their own money.

Re: Transfarency? Where are my travel credits?!?

Adventurer C

Dear @cbowman


I read your post. Sorry for your frustration... It sounds like it's become pretty difficult for you to keep an accurate record keeping of your credits, especially since you accumulate a large number of them. It's great though that the company is willing to cooperate with you!


I love SWA, and I truly believe that it truly cares about its customers. We can count on one hand the airliens that would go to such great lengths to keep us all satisfied, and earn our business. For this reason, I find it difficult to believe that they would want to cause confusion intentionally to any of their passengers' records. I can only speculate that any voucher they issue is sort of a "currency", and therefore, once it's provided to us customers, it's for our safe-keeping.


I hope you don't mind a little suggestion.... As you may know, many email domains allow us to use "rules" for our emails. I find that tool very useful... perhaps you may want to give it a try? For instance, in my email folders I have one called "SWA", and any email that comes from SWA goes automatically in that folder. This way, I never have to worry about searching for my records.


Sorry, I know that this may not be the answer you were hoping for, but when everything else fails, I'm sure that reaching out to the SWA customer service office will help you get this situation straighten up!


I hope you would want to post a follow up here, once you receive your answer. I'm interested, and I wish you good luck!