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Transfer Flight Credits from a Minor

Explorer C

We booked 2 round trip flights for us and a 12 year old who was living with us and we thought would be with us in the summer. Unfortunately, the 12 year old remaining with us fell through and we cancelled their ticket. Southwest stated that since we used "Wanna Get Away" the flight credit goes to the name on the ticket which would be the 12 year old. How do we transfer those credits? Do we have any options? 


Re: Transfer Flight Credits from a Minor

Aviator A

Wanna Get Away fares are non-refundable and the travel credit resulting from cancellation or changes cannot be transferred to another person.  You have one year from the original date of purchase to use the credit so perhaps you can find some time to use it before it expires.

After the travel fund expires it is possible to get the expired credit turned into a LUV voucher which can be used by anyone, but you would need to wait until after the travel fund expires, request this conversion within 6 months of expiration, and then you have 6 months to use the credit.  The downside is the value of each expired travel fund is reduced by $100.  If you want to do this, send Southwest a message via the contact us link at the bottom of the page.  Remember, you cannot do this until after the travel fund expires.


Soon Southwest will have the Wanna Getaway Plus fare available that does allow for travel credit to be transferred, but that does not help you in this current situation.