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Transfer ticket

Explorer C

Hi I bought tickets for me, my husband and kids. Now my husband can't go and my oldest daughter would like to take his place on this trip. Can his ticket be transferred to her? 




Re: Transfer ticket

Aviator A

Unless you purchased Business Select or Anytime fares the tickets and associated funds are tied to the original passenger and cannot be transferred.  If you purchased either of those fares then you can cancel the ticket, get a refund, and rebook with the new passengers. 

Re: Transfer ticket

Aviator A

Tickets are not transferable.


Assuming you purchased Wanna Get Away tickets, you'll need to cancel your husband's, and the funds will be reserved for use in his name only for one year from the date of purchase.


If you happened to use RR Points to book the flights, you can simply cancel your husband's and the points will be redeposited into your account, and can be used to book your daughter's ticket.