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Transport time urgent package??

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Hi all,

Does anyone know if there is ANY way to get a package on a Southwest plane without a passenger attached to it? Long story short a very important four-generation christening dress was forgotten in Denver for our baby's christening here in the Oakland CA area on Sunday. I am unsure of SW policy but I know I've read stories in the SW magazine about amazing people making things happen in emergency situations - the emergency here is possibly breaking my mother's heart if the dress isn't here in time. Unfortunately regular shipping won't do because it's a weekend (no Sunday delivery). Does anyone have ideas on this, who to call, etc? I'd so greatly appreciate it. Thank you!!!


Re: Transport time urgent package??

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You could try reaching out to Southwest on Facebook or Twitter to see if they can assist. If they can't I know southwest has a cargo department maybe somehow you could ship it that way?



Re: Transport time urgent package??

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I believe in order to ship cargo on Southwest you have to be a known shipper with a commercial account, so that's unlikely to work for you.


If you can find someone already flying that route you might be able to get them to carry it for you, but that's a longshot. Your best bet might be to find a friend to bring it to you and buy them a ticket.


Good luck!