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Travel Credit

Explorer C



Ive had a lot of issues with understanding my travel credit. It has been very frustrating thus far. Basically, I switched to a cheaper flight (i originally bought the wanna get away) so I understood travel credit would be rewarded to my account for this change. When I changed the flight, the amount supposed to be rewarded was $120. However, only $10 shows up in my travel funds on my rapid rewards account. I should receive this credit by now because I changed to a lower flight, which would help me book flights right now. I am very confused...


Re: Travel Credit

Aviator A

If I understand you correctly, you purchased a flight, then the price of the flight dropped so you rebooked at the lower fare.  You are correct that the difference in fare should now be available to you in the form of a travel fund.  That travel fund will be valid for one year from the date when you made the original purchase.  You will need the confirmation number from the original reservation to use the travel fund or check its value.  You can check the value of a travel fund at

Keep in mind, if there were multiple passengers on the reservation each passenger has the value of the fare difference tied to their name so you would see a travel fund associated with each passenger.



Re: Travel Credit

Aviator A

What was the price of your flight originally, and what was it when you rebooked the cheaper fare?


Let’s say your flight was $130 originally. If you rebooked and the flight was $120, you have $10 left over in travel funds: 130 - 120 = 10. 

Any travel funds are linked to your account and can be used with one year from when you first booked the flight.