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Travel Funds Expired During COVID

New Arrival

I just spent the good part of this afternoon on hold to find out what happened to my Travel Funds.  There are posts that explain that Travel funds were extended to 2022 but read the details only for funds expiring during a 4 month window March 2020 to June 2020.  I do not get the logic!! I canceled my flights right after COVID hit the US in Jan of 2020, so my funds just expired in January 2021.  Did you think I was going to be able to use these funds during the height of the pandemic.  Wake up and smell the coffee Southwest ..... the pandemic was raging through January 2021.  I am over 65 and you expected me to travel during the height of the pandemic???? 

Right now I am at my wits end!! I have been caring for my elderly father throughout the pandemic and who just died last week.  Maybe I could finally travel in the coming months but now you have taken my travel dollars away!!  This is not what I needed right now!

Funny I listened to your on-hold garbage for 90 minutes about how much you value your customers only to be told your not getting your travel funds back!! Thanks, and by the way I am a Southwest Premier Business Card holder paying $199 annual fee, I think that's going to be cancelled!!!!!  


Re: Travel Funds Expired During COVID

Top Contributor

Unfortunately you cancelled your flights too early to receive the expiration date extension.  While there were ways to extend those funds, it's too late now so I won't get into all of the details.  Within 6 months after expiration you can convert the expired travel funds to vouchers that will be good for 6 months from the conversion date.  You need to call to do this and the value of each travel fund is reduced by $100.


BTW, only Chase is impacted by your not paying the credit card annual fee.