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Travel Funds Lost

Explorer C

I was told today that I could not use my airline travel credits to travel on June 23, 2022. Last week, I spoke to 2 customer service representatives who both informed me that I would need to book a flight by May 10, 2022. On May 10, 2022 I went on to book a flight from Dallas Love Field to Los Angeles, but was unable to do so because my airline credit expired on May 10, 2022. I was confused…my understanding was I had to book by May 10, 2022 , not book and travel by May 10, 2022. I called customer service and spoke to 2 representative who informed me that I needed to book and travel by May 10, 2022, which I was definitely unable to do at that point, causing me to lose $879 in airline credit. The customer service reps were not accommodating at all and basically said there was nothing they could do about my situation, even though I was trying to book a flight with Southwest Airlines for next month. I am highly disappointed in Southwest Airlines and being misinformed.  This is very devastating to my family and I as we are trying to go on family vacation to Los Angeles for the summer. At a time like this in America, I can not afford to just give away $879 to Southwest Airlines. I am very heartbroken to receive this news and to share it with my family who was looking forward to this vacation. Covid has really put a damper on travel plans and then to know after Covid restrictions have been lifted I cannot travel due to Southwest Airlines is just overwhelming.  I have been a true customer to Southwest Airlines for over 20 years and this is this first time I have ever encountered anything like this with Southwest Airlines.  I have always spoken highly of Southwest Airlines and recommended Southwest Airlines to all my family and friends, but this is causing me to not want to travel Southwest Airlines again.


Re: Travel Funds Lost

Aviator A

All travel using travel funds must be completed before expiration of the travel funds. That's a very long standing policy and your understanding was incorrect. 


All is not lost. You can request expired travel funds be converted to a voucher. The value of each travel fund is reduced by $100, but you will be able to use the majority of your expired travel funds value. You have 6 months after expiration to request this and then 6 months to use the voucher. Send your request in writing using the contact us link at the bottom of this page and send a message. Send the confirmation numbers from the expired travel funds and names of the passengers who had the travel funds.