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Travel Funds Policy

Explorer C

I know this has been discussed before, but the policy seems so silly, I just had to confirm it.


My family and I have travel funds expiring March 7, 2022. I wanted to book us flights on March 11, 2022. I was told by Southwest Customer Service that I cannot use these Travel Funds for a March 11th flight, nor can I or anyone else who works at Southwest extend them or give me a 4 day grace period so that I can use them for flights on March 11th. But I can "wait until they expire on March 7th" and then call back and have them extended for 6 months for a $100 fee/loss per ticket. So, Southwest will bill me $100 to use the travel funds after they expire, but they won't allow me to extend them now, while they're still active. 


Does anyone else think this policy is ridiculous? Has anyone ever managed to get a Customer Service rep at Southwest to give a few day grace period on Travel Funds? Thanks for your input. 




Re: Travel Funds Policy

Aviator A

A policy is a policy. You agreed to it when you bought your ticket.


As far as the grace period goes, if SW grants your 4 day extension, and the next guy asks for a 6 day extension, and the next guy asks for a 10 day extension, and the next guy asks for a 14 day extension, and the next guy asks for a 21 day extension etc, etc, etc. what should SW do with those other people.


Once the airline would start making exceptions, where would it draw the line?


The airline drew the line at 365 days. At least SW lets you use expired travel funds when you pay a fee. which is a whole lot better than the competition. The other airlines tell you, "tough luck Charley" they're gone.

Re: Travel Funds Policy

Explorer C

I see your point, but why wouldn't they allow you to pay the fee/fine to extend for 6 months when you need to use the Travel Funds (now) rather than only after they expire? I need to use them now, not after March 7th. 

Re: Travel Funds Policy

Frequent Flyer A

Sorry, I don't believe rules that you agree to when you make a purchase are ridiculous. Just one more reason to purchase a refundable ticket rather than the "cheapest" ticket that is non-refundable.

Re: Travel Funds Policy

Explorer A

I've done this before and was grateful they allowed it, even with the $100 fee.  I fly other major airlines also.  None of them have such a policy at all.  At 365th day your credit is totally done and over.  I don't consider this policy ridiculous at all.