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Re: Travel Funds Revert to Early Date

Aviator A

^Not only that, other airlines charge you outrageous fees just to change a flight *once*.  JetBlue? $75-$200. American? $200. Delta? $200. Southwest? ZERO. Realize the extreme value in this. Southwest is essentially the only airline that allows you to change flights whenever you want for free *and* use any credit for reduced fares on future travel up to a year in the future. I think that's incredibly generous, and there's nothing that needs to change. 



Re: Travel Funds Revert to Early Date

Explorer C

Southwest is a wonderful company and this exemplified by many of it’s business practices however this policy is idiocy. If I use a $5.26 credit that expires in 2 weeks and spend an additional $500, if I need to cancel or rebook, the entire credit is then set to expire in 2 weeks. They could easily allow different confirm numbers for different amounts with different expirations, as they did before I believe.  I venture to guess Southwest corporate accounting or lenders don’t like the millions of dollars in unrealized  and undefinable debt that is always hanging out in their system. Although some businesses leverage this type of credit in the system like Starbucks “gift cards” and cash sitting in their app. To those that think this system would not work if you could cancel and rebook with less consequence, it does work, they used to do it, and the other ticket types (Biz Sel. and Anytime) allow this currently. I’m sorry but this policy is horse sh.te Two thumbs down.

Re: Travel Funds Revert to Early Date

Explorer C

I have had to cancel several flights due to either having COVID, been exposed to COVID and because I am an essential hospital worker, not extending the travel vouchers until 12/31/2022 is a poor decision and horrible customer service. I literally am losing over $1000 dollars and just changed my Sunday flight for an extra $300 so I get a great seat in Business Select and use up my voucher money. I was stranded back east during 9/11 and SW was amazing to all the passengers so I am a loyal traveler. But after this trip and my New Mexico trip next month I am no longer going to be loyal because of this issue. Very disappointed in SW, SW policies have changed during COVID and making a change in the voucher policy temporarily is the right thing to do for your customers. 

Re: Travel Funds Revert to Early Date

Frequent Flyer B

" just changed my Sunday flight for an extra $300 so I get a great seat in Business Select..."


Spoiler Alert:

Soon-to-be posting about how there is actually no difference between "Business Select" seats and all other seats...just a better boarding position.  Maybe the goal was to snag that "great" exit row seat, but for $300??

Re: Travel Funds Revert to Early Date

Frequent Flyer A

I'm still clueless as to why people buy business select seats. For the money, you could likely get a first class seat on another airline. I like Southwest, and I realize that "all seats on Southwest are first class", but still...