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Travel Funds - Wrong Name

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Hi! I booked a flight a while ago for my boyfriend and I, but had to cancel because of weather. The funds went to travel funds and theyre about to expire. I also didnt realize that I entered my boyfriends last name incorrectly until I just tried to use the travel funds. The second part of his last name is missing, but its still the same person. Is there any work arounds to get to use these funds? I have 2 weeks to figure it out!


Re: Travel Funds - Wrong Name

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I would suggest booking the flight with the incorrect name and then call Southwest after you have made the reservation and ask about adding the second part of the last name. Generally, explaining an honest mistake allows for things to get fixed. If that doesn't work, still no need to panic. If it's a domestic flight it's still very likely he can fly, but it may take some explaining to Southwest at the check-in counter (only if he is checking a bag) and to TSA. Just allow for some extra time as he may be required to go through some extra questioning from TSA like that which is required when someone forgets their ID.


Please let us know how it goes.




Re: Travel Funds - Wrong Name

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Another possibility may be to call customer service.  If you have all the information related to the original ticket issued, they may be ablr to work around the issue. I have found that group to be very resourceful.